Rhinoplasty: What You Need to Know

Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures performed on the face. Reshaping the nose may be performed for a variety of medical and cosmetic reasons.

Rhinoplasty can address:

  • Difficulty breathing through the nose
  • Sleep apnea when traditional treatments are ineffective
  • A severely deviated septum
  • Cosmetic concerns such as bumps, depressions, or reshaping of the tip or nostrils
  • Reconstruction after fracture or other injury or trauma

Medical and cosmetic rhinoplasty are often combined into a single procedure, allowing the patient to enjoy the full benefits of both with only one recovery period. Your provider will consult with you to develop a customized plan based on your desired outcome, your unique anatomy, and other medical and aesthetic considerations.

Choosing a Provider

Because surgery on the nose impacts the quality of breathing, it is important to select an experienced and knowledgeable doctor who understands respiratory health. Not all plastic surgeons are skilled at working on the delicate areas of the face.

Our plastic surgeons at Ear, Nose & Throat Associates have extensive training in facial reshaping and reconstruction. They can help you achieve the right balance between the functional and cosmetic aspects of the nose to attain your most desirable goals. By going to a plastic surgeon who specializes in the inner and outer workings of the ear, nose, and throat, you can be confident that your facial surgery will be a success.

What to Expect

The procedure typically takes 1-2 hours, depending on the complexity of the restructuring involved. Incisions are hidden inside the nose. Once the nasal structure has been modified, the patient will receive a splint and packing to support the nose as it heals.

Most patients return home the same day, though complex procedures may require a brief hospital stay. To reduce swelling and bleeding, bed rest is recommended with the head elevated. Dressings are removed after about a week.

Puffiness and bruising are common, and it may take several weeks for you to fully heal, but within a few months you will be enjoying your permanent results. Ready for a change? Contact us at (260) 497-5500 to schedule a rhinoplasty consultation with one of our facial plastic surgeons.

“The staff at ENT are the best. They explain the procedures before they do them, and are gentle and caring. ” – Darla L.

Q&A with Dr. Herendeen

Dr. Herendeen, MD
Facial Plastics & Aesthetics
ENT Aesthetics

How are facial plastic surgeons different from general plastic surgeons or cosmetic facial surgeons?

“Facial plastic surgeons have the highest level of training for both cosmetic and functional nasal surgery. They first receive extensive training in the ear nose and throat, neck surgery where they learn about the anatomy of the nose to improve the nasal airway, and also reconstruction of cosmetic deformities. Then, they must complete a fellowship to gain additional experience in these areas with a special focus on the cosmetic reconstruction of the nose. For the highest degree of expertise in surgical services of the face like rhinoplasty, facial plastic surgeons are best.”

What makes you passionate about rhinoplasty?

“My passion for rhinoplasty comes from the challenges that this surgical procedure entails. First of all, every patient who presents for a rhinoplasty has two structural components: functional (which refers to the ability to breathe through the nose) and cosmetic (or visible). Everybody’s nose is different, and so it takes a combination of creativity and technical expertise to achieve the outcome that the patient desires. It’s also important to know what is possible with each patient’s nose and make sure that patient understands what is reasonable in terms of changes that can be made.”

What is your training and experience with rhinoplasty?

“My training started with a five-year residency in ear nose and throat head and neck surgery at Indiana University. Following that, I did a fellowship in New Orleans for a year and facial plastic surgery with a world renowned surgeon in structural and cosmetic rhinoplasty. I’ve been in practice in Fort Wayne for the past 23 years. During this time I’ve gained further valuable experience in my practice, which includes a focus on not only cosmetic rhinoplasty but difficult functional and structural surgical problems of the nose as well.”

What makes someone a good candidate for rhinoplasty?

“A good candidate for rhinoplasty is first of all someone who is generally healthy. This surgery is an elective procedure and we would not want to put anyone under undue risk. Secondly, they should be somebody who has a well conceived idea of what they would like changed about their nose. If that person’s idea of the changes in their nose that they want made are consistent with what is considered in line with the ideals of a pleasing aesthetic, then they are a good candidate.”

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