Botox® Party

By ENT Aesthetics

Interested in a Botox® Party? ENT Aesthetics can host your exclusive event.

What is a Botox® Party?

Botox® Parties are a fun way to relax with friends while also getting Botox®.

Get your friends together for a personalized, exclusive experience with one of our aesthetics specialists. Your event coordinator will help you plan the perfect evening with hors d’ouvres, cocktails, product and service discounts, and more. All procedures are done by a licensed professional. Plus, you’ll receive unique benefits as the party host.

Whether you’re wanting to host a bridal party, girls night out or a birthday event, ENT Aesthetics popular Botox® Party is meant for you!

Botox Party
Botox Party

Planning Your Event

Step (1) Begin planning how many friends you want to invite (minimum 5, maximum 8).

Step (2) Fill out the form below.

Step (3) We will contact you to pick a date, time and guest list for your party.

Step (4) Receive Botox® at ENT Aesthetics.

Step (5) Guests of the party will receive complimentary gifts and discounts.

Ready to Book a Party with ENT Aesthetics?

Be a host and receive FREE Botox® or other treatment, discounts for friends, and more!

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