NEW Beauty Tech That Works for Skin, Cellulite, and Sculpting

Laying Down the Foundation for a “Fresh New Look”

Do you have loose skin around your chin that creates a drooping jowl you’d like to sculpt?

Is there some cellulite on your thighs that you’re itching to get rid of?

Have you tried everything you can to tighten the loose skin around your midsection or above your knees with no success?

If you answered YES, then The ENT Aesthetics office has some exciting news for you.

Introducing from Lutronic: The Genius and LaseMD Ultra machines

This fall, these two new beauty tech machines will be available in our ENT Aesthetics office. No one else in Fort Wayne has equipment like this to resolve the issues above, and more!

When these two machines are used in combination for treatment, the result is a TotalSkin™ repair that provides astonishing before and after results. These beauty tech machines can tackle a wide variety of skin imperfections by plumping and tightening the skin anywhere on the body.

Our ENT Aesthetics Specialist, Kari Dietrich, is specially trained to use these machines at our office in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She has three years experience using this machine combo, and has “seen phenomenal results with it.”

Tighten Your Skin, Sculpt Your Jowl, and Regain Your Confidence

The Genius RF machine is particularly unique, and a personal favorite of Kari’s. Genius uses radio frequency technology, which is all about producing deep collagen stimulation that results in skin tightening, skin plumping, and wrinkle reduction.
In fact, “even deep, deep lines can be improved,” Kari says. The Genius treatment process is especially successful at improving the neck and jowl area. For some patients it can almost look like a complete neck lift. It even goes deep enough to help with fat reduction and remove fat under the chin in the process.

Beyond targeting loose skin on the face, Genius can be used anywhere on the body. Many patients also use Genius treatment to tighten loose skin above the knee, reduce loose skin in the belly area (such as for someone who recently had a baby), and reduce cellulite on the thighs.

When used in combination with the LaseMD Ultra machine, Kari says, “your results from the Genius become far more superior.” The Ultra machine is a new, added component that is used in the second half of the treatment process. Once you’re done with the radio frequency treatment using Genius, Ultra goes back on top of that with laser resurfacing. This produces highly sought-after results.

The Genius first provides deeper collagen stimulation for skin tightening and plumping. Then the laser resurfacing from Ultra will address surface and textural issues like pore size, fine lines, pigment, and discoloration. When combined, the treatment
is referred to as Lutronic’s TotalSkin™ Solution.

There’s no other company doing what Lutronic has created. This new combination treatment provides

Kari Dietrich, RN Aesthetic Nurse Specialist, ENT Aesthetics

“Out of all of the RF devices on the market, this one stands out because of the science and technology behind it. I’ve been using it for three years. I’ve seen the results and I know it works.”– Kari Dietrich, RN

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